Co zrobić po śmierci psa lub kota?

What to do after the death of a dog or cat?

What to do after the death of a dog or cat? The death of a beloved pet entails a surge of negative emotions. In such a situation, it is hard for us to think rationally, because we focus mainly on mourning. Nevertheless, we must also remember to complete the formalities related to the burial of the corpse. In this context, we have several options. Which one is worth choosing?

Taking the body to the vet

Most veterinary offices encourage dog and cat owners to leave the carcass of their pet there. Doctors take care of all the formalities so that the entire procedure of cremation is carried out in accordance with applicable law. Nevertheless, pet owners are not always aware of exactly what this procedure looks like. Well, corpses are burned together with medical waste, which requires an appropriate approach, as it may pose a biological hazard. As a result, we can talk here not so much about burning, but rather about utilizing corpses. From a legal point of view, this is perfectly legal, but from a humanitarian point of view, it can leave a lot to be desired. Of course, if we are unable to bury the animal in any other way, for example due to limited funds, it’s worth leaving the body to the vet. Nevertheless, in most cases, owners aware of the practice do not decide to take such a step.

Pet Cemetery

Not everyone is aware that there are special cemeteries for animals in Poland. They are located in almost every province, but this does not mean that there is no problem with the availability of places. On the contrary – you usually have to buy them well in advance. A pet cemetery is, in theory, a very good solution – we can bury a pet and thus visit it as often as we want. These types of places are not fundamentally different from cemeteries for people, although of course we will not find here expensive monuments or bouquets placed on graves. Nevertheless, in practice it is difficult to bury an animal in a cemetery. The distance from the nearest cemetery can also be a problem. As mentioned, these types of places do not appear all the time, so it may turn out that

Pet crematorium

The third option, which is very popular among pet owners, is the crematorium. It works on similar principles as a crematorium for people. The carcasses are burned under proper sanitary conditions, and dog or cat owners can keep the remains after the process. Animal crematoriums offer various variants related to saying goodbye to a pet. One of them is the cremation of the corpse with the organization of a ceremony presided over by an experienced master. Another possibility is individual smoking without ceremony, after which the owners of the pet can receive the ashes. The cheapest option, however, is collective smoking, which does not allow you to keep the ashes, but remember that not everyone cares about this. Sometimes their reception is too painful and brings too many memories, which would make it difficult for the owners to grieve.

What not to do with the carcass of an animal?

We already know what to do in the event of the death of a dog or cat – be it sudden or in the event of planned euthanasia. Nevertheless, not everyone realizes that saying goodbye to an animal cannot take any form. Currently, we have three solutions – leaving the corpse to the veterinarian, burying the pet in the cemetery or using the services of an animal crematorium. However, we cannot bury the animal on our own, for example in the home garden. This is prohibited by law, mainly due to the significant sanitary and epidemiological risk. Nor can we abandon the corpse in the forest or elsewhere. It is the owner’s responsibility to treat them with respect and in accordance with applicable law.

How to grieve after the death of a dog or cat?

A very important aspect is not only the burial of the animal, but also the experience of mourning after its death. Do not expect negative emotions to pass in a short time. Psychologists are of the opinion that mourning after the death of a beloved pet can last several months, but the shortest it will last is a few weeks. In practice, it is worth experiencing this time calmly, allowing yourself to be sad or even cry. It is very difficult for parents to explain to their children what happened to their beloved pet. Nevertheless, we should not deceive the toddler, even if it seems to us that he is not ready to accept the news of death. Let us remember that even the youngest should be familiarized with it, because sooner or later this topic will become a bit closer to them, for example in the context of the departure of a beloved pet. Everyone grieves in their own way therefore, it may take longer or a little shorter for individual household members. But time should heal the wounds.

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