Co to jest ortopodologia?

What is orthopodology?

What is orthopodology? The silhouette of a podiatrist is becoming more and more recognizable in society. Nevertheless, few people specialize in orthopodology, and patients do not know what exactly an orthopodologist does. Meanwhile, the demand for qualified professionals is very high. What is orthopodology and when is it worth getting interested in it?

A combination of podiatry and physiotherapy

Podological diseases often go hand in hand with various types of orthopedic diseases. As a result, patients feel discomfort when walking, but they are unable to identify the cause of the problem. Orthopodology focuses on designing solutions that make everyday functioning easier for patients. We are talking here primarily about the preparation of specialized insoles that will prevent the development and formation of numerous foot diseases. Orthopodology, in fact, aims to restore the patient’s walking comfort, and at the same time to eliminate the remaining symptoms that significantly hinder everyday functioning. Patients most often report such ailments as uneven gait, hip pain, and crooked heels. More and more people are also struggling with the problem of damaging shoes, which is caused by incorrect foot placement. Orthopodology, which is gaining more and more popularity in our country, is a remedy for all these ailments.

Who is an orthopodologist?

Orthopodological offices can be found in almost the entire country, although their network is not yet very dense. An orthopodologist is not a doctor, so he does not diagnose and treat various types of diseases, for example related to injuries or accidents. Usually, patients go to an orthopodologist for a consultation when they hear enigmatic advice from a doctor, such as “you should change your shoes” or “you need to take care of the comfort of walking”. Patients are sure that they do not suffer from any serious diseases, but they are still alone with the problem. It is difficult to choose shoes that will alleviate the ailments without proper knowledge.

Then the orthopedist comes to the rescue. Who is this specialist? Well, it is usually a person with education in the field of physiotherapy who has additionally completed courses in the field of podiatry. On the other hand, it can also be an experienced podiatrist who expands his knowledge in the field of foot anatomy. Orthopodologists do not focus on the appearance of the patient’s feet or their proper hygiene, but on increasing the comfort of movement. At the same time, they can also provide additional services, depending on the offer of a particular office.

When should you visit an orthopedist?

Patients who experience significant discomfort while walking usually visit an orthopedist first. Nevertheless, doctors often do not find the reason for this state of affairs, seeing it in ill-fitting shoes or adopting inappropriate positions that are not comfortable for our feet. As a result, the patient remains without a diagnosis and, unfortunately, without help. He should then go to an orthopodologist who will dispel any doubts and choose the best method of treatment. First, the specialist reads the medical documentation, if the patient has it. Then he proposes to the patient specific treatment methods that will be tailored to his needs and capabilities. The orthopodologist focuses primarily on the type of work the patient performs and the footwear he most often wears. It also takes into account the type of patient’s foot. At the same time, we should remember that not all ailments can be cured with the use of specialized insoles. Very often, the cause of uncomfortable walking is an ingrown toenail or recurrent calluses. In such cases, it is also worth going to a good orthopodologist who will help solve the problem, but using completely different methods.

How long does orthopedic therapy last?

Patients often wonder how long they will have to wear specialized insoles designed by an orthopodologist? The answer to this question is not unequivocal, because much depends on the severity of the condition and the effects of the therapy. At the same time, let us remember that wearing the insoles itself does not cause pain, it is also not unpleasant in any way. On the contrary, because it helps to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms that we have been struggling with for a long time.

How to find a good orthopodologist?

Orthopodology is becoming more and more popular in Poland, but it is still difficult for us to find the right specialist who will comprehensively deal with our problem. Well, orthopodologists usually run their own podiatry offices, so it is worth making an appointment and asking if the specialist provides this type of service. Not every podiatrist is an orthopodologist – for this you need specialist knowledge in the field of foot anatomy, as well as physiotherapy. Nevertheless, not every physiotherapist will be able to help us in the event of problems with walking, so the best solution is to find a good orthopodologist.

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