Godna starość w domu seniora

Dignified old age in a retirement home

Dignified old age in a retirement home. Aging in a dignified old age in a retirement home: a private nursing home provides high-quality care for the elderly. Each resident receives round-the-clock care of specially trained staff, as well as professional nursing care. The facility is fully adapted to the elderly with various health conditions, it is here that a dignified old age awaits them, because we have made every effort to make the life of your loved ones as comfortable as possible.

Dignified old age in a retirement home

Depending on the independence of the elderly person, we can offer various accommodation programs:

  • A program for independent seniors.
  • Program for people with disabilities.
  • A program for the bedridden elderly.

For those who need additional care and 24/7 assistance, we offer a babysitting service. Caregivers in our care home are specially trained people who have the knowledge and skills to properly care for the elderly. A private nursing home provides each of its guests with round-the-clock care and dignified old age.

A dignified old age in a retirement home is ensured when you can count on support for:

  • Daily hygiene procedure.
  • Keeping the room clean.
  • Adhering to the senior’s daily routine.
  • Providing psychological support.
  • Special individual nutrition.
  • Medical support of a general practitioner and specialists.

The high quality of care provided by medical staff means:

  • Pulse, temperature and pressure measurement.
  • Treatments: injections, droppers.
  • Medical examination.
  • Rehabilitation.

It is very easy to make the life of loved ones quiet, peaceful and safe in our home for the disabled. Our facility is equipped with special equipment, as well as functional modern furniture. There are ramps in the area to make life easier for people with disabilities, and there are special handles in the building and rooms.

Rehabilitation for restoring fitness to seniors

In order to live with dignity, one must try to move independently, which is why rehabilitation is necessary. This allows you to create conditions for self-care and restore lost reflexes. Rehabilitation after illness contributes to improving the health and well-being of the patient.

Rehabilitation program for the elderly and disabled:

  • Medical rehabilitation. Restoring the functionality of the body with the help of medical preparations.
  • Psychological rehabilitation. A set of treatments with a psychologist aimed at improving the well-being and peace of the senior.
  • Special physical program.

Rehabilitation of the elderly is carried out by highly qualified specialists with the required experience and skills. Upon admission, each guest undergoes an examination and diagnosis, after which the doctor establishes an individual program and treatment conditions.

Nursing home nutrition

Carefully designed nutrition is the key to the health of the elderly. In a private nursing home, we offer our guests a variety of tasty meals, taking into account the recommendations of doctors. Meals in a nursing home consist of simple dishes familiar to an elderly person: soups, casseroles, cereals, meatballs, salads. There is also a balanced diet where all meals are steamed. Chefs carefully check every product that goes into their kitchen, thanks to which all dishes are fresh and tasty.

What is occupational therapy for the elderly?

In order to achieve a dignified old age in a retirement home, you need not only a cozy room and medical care, but also contact with your peers. Joint activities bring people closer to each other, friendships are made, thanks to which the time passes in a nice atmosphere. There is no time to think about loneliness and old age. Occupational therapy, or therapy through work, is a type of rehabilitation in which by performing a specific job, such as sewing or embroidering, a person improves his physical and mental health. Occupational therapy is a very popular form of rehabilitation for the elderly in a nursing home.

To begin with, it is worth distinguishing ergo therapy from occupational therapy, which is successfully used in a nursing home. Well, occupational therapy, including e.g. painting, sculpting, is primarily aimed at maintaining and improving manual work while improving the functioning of memory or concentration.

As part of therapy, activities are considered socially beneficial, of course, taking into account the age, physical and mental capabilities, as well as the skills of the elderly person. On the one hand, occupational therapy also improves the physical condition of an elderly person, allows you to maintain memory and concentration function, and also restores confidence in your abilities, satisfies emotional needs.

Happy old age in a nursing home

In old age, you want attention and care so much! It is not always possible for relatives to provide a senior with constant care, therefore placing an elderly person in a private nursing home is a good and right choice. After all, this is where the staff will do anything to make your loved one happy. Decent living conditions will help the elderly regain their mental and physical condition, as well as live in a warm and comfortable environment on a daily basis.

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