Blogi o książkach dla młodzieży

Blogs about books for young people

Blogs about books for young people – many adults admit that they have not read a single book during the calendar year. The situation is similar among young people – people in this age group often read only required reading. Meanwhile, reading affects not only intellectual development, but also emotional development, which in the case of young people is an extremely important issue. When looking for the right books for yourself, it is worth using the reviews that are available on some blogs.

What books are suitable for teenagers?

There is no doubt that young people should reach for various types of literary works. What they read on the Internet is just the tip of the iceberg – in fact, only books allow them to get to know reality better and build their worldview. Young people most often reach for school reading, but they do it out of compulsion. This is a very sad trend that has been going on for several years. Parents do not always support their children in developing a passion for reading. They often do not know when it is time for more serious books, and when the child has the right to read the children’s editions. Which books for teenagers will be suitable?

Currently, most bookstores introduce age ranges that clearly suggest which editions a specific person can reach for. Nevertheless, they are only a guide, not a final guide. We must choose the book according to the level of emotional and social development of the child, as well as his interests. Before it reaches for a specific edition, it is worth reading a book review so that you know more or less what to expect from it. Interesting reviews can be found on thematic blogs, preferably written by experts.

Recommended blogs about books for teenagers

Authors of thematic blogs most often review both children’s and youth books. Interesting suggestions can be found on Strefa Psotnika – a blog dedicated to parents of young children and teenagers aged 15+. In individual age categories, we will find many proposals from various thematic areas that will certainly interest every young person. Some books can be purchased directly from the online store. Interesting proposals can also be found on the Ładne Bebe website, although it is dedicated mainly to parents of small children. Nevertheless, it will work well for teenagers who are just entering this “difficult age”, while being a great help for parents in choosing the right reading.

Book blogs run by schools

Nowadays, more and more school libraries run book blogs. Specialists review items that are available in a specific library, at the same time specifying the age at which a given book will work best. A school book blog has one basic advantage – it is run by a librarian who is not only passionate about books, but also an experienced educator who listens to students’ opinions on a daily basis. This allows you to create interesting reviews, which are prepared not only by the educator, but also, to some extent, by the students. School blogs are also worth visiting for another reason – we will find suggestions dedicated only to a specific age group. This is very important, because on most websites we can get lost, because they review books for children, teenagers and adults.

Blogs run by readers – is it worth using them?

Book blogs can be divided into two categories – those run by professionals and those run by readers. Which ones are worth reading? There are a lot of reading blogs on the web, but not many expert ones. Meanwhile, it seems that the latter are the more valuable, as they allow us to look at the book from a completely different point of view. We can also find explanations of more important, not fully understood for us, issues. In addition, the books proposed by experts are carefully selected, taking into account the current trends in upbringing and teaching methods. Reading blogs do not always find what we are really looking for.

Nevertheless, most of them have a big advantage, because under each post readers are encouraged to discuss. Thanks to this, we can exchange observations about specific threads or characters. This encourages us not only to read carefully, but also to change the way we perceive certain events or characters. There is no doubt that book review blogs should be visited, but everyone must find one that meets their expectations. On blogs, authors review various types of items that will not suit the tastes of all young people. Parents should also pay attention to what their children are reading, even if they are already teenagers. It is also worth encouraging children to read regularly, which supports their development.

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